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The weather at the beach is much easier to plan around because it usually mild or hot.

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Mountain weather is typically cold during the winter and most summers are cool with little to none humidity. The rocky and rugged terrain of the mountains gives for a much better area of hiking and camping. Going to the beach also offers a large variety of camping within campgrounds.

Amusement parks can usually be found more often around the beach.

Beach vs. Mountains: The Pros and Cons

Most common mountain locations offer such attractions as fine dining, shopping, and historical events such as tours or museum like attractions. Dining at the beach is also very plentiful they usually offer a wide range of dining and shopping. Both destinations have a huge variety of attractions some of which are found at both locations.

The diversity of activities is what makes these common vacation spots different.

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Depending on what you like to do will play a huge factor in your vacation. The location of the vacation that is being planned plays a large factor in your trip. If one person is closer to the mountains they may plan to go there, as the distance traveled may not be as far as a trip to the beach. The same is applied to one person who may be closer to the beach instead of the mountains.

Depending on the time of year that the vacation is planned is also a determine factor in the distance you want to travel.

The Beach vs the Mountains Essay Example | Graduateway

A wide variety of people will not like to drive through the snowy mountains for a vacation so they may travel somewhat further for a beach vacation. Families who live closed to beach destinations offer tend to visit the mountains during the summer because of the amount of tourists that will be at the beach. Location of your vacation plays a large role in choosing the mountains or the beach. While planning your vacation another determining factor is what kind of vacation does yourself want.

Are you a person who enjoys the mountains or the beach?

The Beach vs the Mountains Essay

Someone who hates the sand and heat will often never vacation to the beach. As for a person who hates cool colder weather with thin air and snow they will always chose a warmer destanation such as the beach. Someone who's always cold will appreciate a hot tropical beach, while someone who starts to perspire when the thermometer reaches 70 will want to head for the cool hills.

Love crowds? Choose a popular beach in the summer. Hate them? You can spread out and avoid groups of people when you hike most mountain trails Adore attractions? Other than the view and the mountain high you may get, there's not much in the way of attractions.

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Beaches, on the other hand, may be adjacent to a boardwalk, hotel, or shack where you can get a refreshing drink. Agree that your next vacation will take place at the other destination Split decision: Spend part of your time at the beach and the rest of it at a higher elevation.

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Writing Effective Comparison or Contrast Essays

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