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Can we help you find something?

Transfer applicants may be admitted even if they are missing these requirements if the remainder of their application is strong. Such students will be required to take the remaining required courses during their second year at the Law School. To that end, the Committee considers many different qualities in its analysis such as leadership skills; community involvement; overcoming adversity; work and life experiences; internships; and a specific interest in the study and practice of law.

When completing an application, students are encouraged to consider how they may address the factors listed above.

Applying for Transfer Admissions

The Admissions Committee welcomes the opportunity to get to know applicants through an interview. The interview is also intended to give applicants an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the admissions process, the Law School, or the University. The Office of Admissions prefers that interviews are done via phone but they may also be conducted in person or via Skype. Scholarship and Loan Assistance Notre Dame Law School is unable to offer scholarship assistance to incoming transfer students.

Law Journal Write-on Competition Transfer applicants are eligible to compete in the law journal write-on competition.

Information for New Transfer Applicants

Interested students should request information regarding this process from Christine Holst , Student Services Program Manager, by the end of April. Students will most likely have to submit their writing sample prior to learning their admissions decision. Please note that admissions decisions and journal selection decisions are made independently from each other.

On-Campus Interview and Off-Campus Interview Program Bidding Admitted transfer students are eligible to bid for the on-campus interviews and off-campus interview programs after submitting their enrollment and deposit materials. Each fall we welcome students who have transferred to BU Law after successfully completing one year at an ABA-accredited law school. When making admissions decisions, we place strong emphasis on first-year GPA and class rank.

Harvard Law School Personal Statement

Boston University School of Law begins accepting applications for transfer on February 1 for the upcoming fall. Transfer applicants interested in participating in our on-campus interview program in should have completed their applications, been admitted, and paid a seat deposit. Transfer applicants interested in participating in our journal write-on competition should have completed their applications, been admitted, and paid a seat deposit.

Deadlines for participation TBD.

Each year some transfer applicants may be accepted through the Transfer Early Action program. These decisions will be based on only the first semester of 1L grades. You will be asked on your application whether or not you wish to be reviewed with only one semester of grades. It is expected that students admitted based on only one semester of grades will perform at a level consistent with their first semester during their second semester.

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Applicants who complete their applications early but are not admitted based on only their first semester of grades will be reviewed again once their second semester grades are received. The Admissions Committee will review complete applications on a rolling basis.

Admissions info for Incoming Transfer Students

Every effort will be made to provide applicants with decisions as quickly as possible. BU Law grants a maximum of 30 transfer credits, the equivalent of our first-year curriculum. Part-time students are eligible to apply to transfer to BU Law, however, to apply as a transfer student, you should have completed the equivalent of our first-year curriculum.

In exceptional circumstances, a BU Law LLM applicant may have his or her file reviewed based only on fall semester grades. Students seeking this exception should first directly consult with Assistant Dean John Riccardi in the Office of Graduate and International Programs, gradint bu. If you applied to BU Law last year and are currently enrolled at another law school, but still want to be part of our BU Law community, we encourage you to take advantage of our Streamlined Transfer Application process. Due to your previous interest in BU Law, you can bypass the full transfer application and simply fill out a form to streamline your transfer application.

We will then reactivate your previous application, waive the application fee, and send you a brief checklist of required materials you must submit to update your application. These required materials include: your first-year law school transcript; your first-year class rank; an updated resume; and a letter of good standing from your current law school dean. Although not required, you may choose to submit a letter of recommendation from a law faculty member, which should be sent directly from the recommender to our office. The Transfer application for Fall entry will become available on February 1, All transfer applications must be submitted through LSAC.

Application Process