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Student: Shaun Darrah Mentors: Dr. Panos Papapanou Dr. Student: Mary Awadallah Mentor: Dr. Sunil Wadhwa Project title: The Effect of Estrogen Receptor-Beta on Mandibular Condylar Growth Research question: Does knocking out estrogen receptor-beta allow for better adaptation of the cartilage progenitor cells in response to forced mouth opening?

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Project goal: To determine whether selectively blocking estrogen receptor-beta can reduce TMJ problems and function as a form of TMJ disorder treatment. Student: Emily Garfinkel Mentor: Dr. Project goal: To assess how dental phobia detracts from quality of life psychologically, socially, physically, occupationally, and financially. To use this information to better inform dentists and dental students about this public health issue and equip them to care for such patients.

Student: John Nathan Mentor: Dr. Student: Jennifer Csenge Mentor: Dr. Project goal: The aim of this project is to 1 analyze previously captured data concerning incidence and prevalence of dental pain and sensitivity; 2 assess the effectiveness of the pain and sensitivity information presented to consumers and determine whether the website can effectively educate consumers; 3 develop updated content for the website in response to the results; 4 explore how pain and sensitivity impacts work absenteeism and productivity, and 5 author a paper on this topic. Student: Jodi Hamilton Mentors: Dr.

Jeremy Mao Dr. Nan Jiang Project title: Exosomes Role in Mediating Epithelial-Mesenchyme Interaction Research question: How do extra cellular vesicles mediate cell differentiation during tooth development? Project goal: Determine the specific role of extracellular exosomes in the interaction between epithelium and mesenchyme during tooth development. Project goal: Histologically asses the fibrocartilage interface attachment in female wild type and ER beta deficient mice exposed to altered estrogen levels.

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Student: Kristy Kao Mentors: Dr. Chang Lee Dr. Student: Jason Holt Mentor: Dr. We purposely cultivate an environment to get them to enjoy their visits as much as possible; rather than just tolerate them. It begins in our waiting areas, which are designed to calm and distract. Our Creve Coeur office has an aviary, where anxiety melts away at the sight of the little birds. Our back office is clean and colorful, with inflatable prizes and the resident stuffed animals brightening up the corners. Seasonal decorations hang from the ceiling and walls regularly.

Heading up to checkout is our prize box, an incentive that no child forgets. There is always a monthly contest going on as well, where children can enter to win prizes while their parents check out and schedule their next appointments. Another added perk of our office is our affiliation with Varble Orthodontics.

We are able to coordinate with their office easily about scheduling appointments, sharing x-rays, and treatment recommendations.

Thesis Topics Pediatric Dentistry: Compare and contrast thesis generator

Also, their team environment meshes well with ours, and we have great chemistry with their staff as well. Opportunities for advancement in this practice are limited, but there are always chances to take on additional responsibilities and train new employees. The practice also offers webinars and seminars to keep our customer service skills honed. Our manager attends conferences to network with other offices and is always looking for ways to improve our team. Guest speakers are often invited to our monthly staff meetings to introduce the staff and doctors to new and innovative products.

​​Student Research Projects

The doctors keep their dentistry skills sharp by taking continuing education courses and reading articles about the latest materials and techniques to better care for their patients. They encourage the team mentality off the floor as well, and anytime an assistant has an idea to better the practice, it is welcomed and carefully considered by the doctors and management. The doctors always put the patients first. Any product that we sell in our office, from electric toothbrushes and whitening strips to prescription toothpaste and orthodontic flossers, is sold at our cost.

Nitrous oxide is provided to our patients at no cost to them.

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We have negotiated with many insurance companies to become in-network with them, for the convenience of our patients. One of the doctors always tells the story about when he was interviewing at practices in the area; every one of them talked dollar amounts and bottom lines. This practice was the only one that talked about caring for the patients and putting them first. The doctors continue this philosophy into our day-to-day, and will do their best to work with patients without insurance, or a high-unpaid balance.

follow The care always comes first. Our communication skills, special training, excellent doctors, and team atmosphere are the keys we use to care for our patients through their childhood and adolescence.

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We build relationships with them, by getting to know them while we take care of them. Parents frequently ask jokingly if they can come to us for their dental care as well, and dread the day when their child ages out of the practice. It is entertaining to find in the chart of a teenage patient that they were upset for their first visit, or a picture they drew for the doctor when they were five years old. It is evident that these doctors truly care for their patients, and vice versa.

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