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Describe why it is. Define free will, truth, knowledge, and opinion. Explain how weuse them to form thoughts. What role does each play in criticallyassessing situations? Identify three hindrances to the criticalthinking process. Determine methods for overcoming thesehindrances. Identify a time in which you experienced ahindrance in critical thinking. Describe a method you could useto overcome the hindrances.

Identify a message in advertising. Describe how you perceive the message of the advertisement. Try to determine the reality of the advertisement. Distinguishbetween your perception and the reality of the message. Describe a situation in which critical and creative thought couldhave been used for a better outcome. This could be a personal orsocietal problem or issue. Describe why it is important to thinkcritically and creatively in similar situations 2 slides. Explain how weuse them to form thoughts, and how they may bear on yourproblem or issue 4 slides. Determine methods for overcoming these hindrances.

Describe amethod you could use to overcome the hindrances 3 or 4slides. Try to determine the reality. Be sure to use a variety of illustrations, and try to be creative! It also brings to mind the fact that we takea lot for granted. Whatan interesting creativity-blocker that could be! Then delving intothe mind of any inventor exposes us to the very creative processitself, to the ways critical thinking shaped original ideas, and tothe interesting steps that brought an innovative idea to market.

Even the naming of an invention can in itself invite us into the. Try to add commentsfor each invention in each of those. After completing the Matrix,study it, and respond to this question in to words:What do you learn about the Creative Process, generalizing fromthese three inventions? And how might this observationmotivate you as a creative thinker? Famous Inventions: A to Z. Retrieved from. Zoom Inventors andInventions. Read the article s for that Thinker, and in a Post of to words, respond to the following questions ReferenceUniversity of Phoenix.

phl aid Learn/phlaiddotcom Pages 1 - 40 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

Week one electronic readings. Note that our textmakes a key distinction between a problem and an issue, both ofwhich call us to use our creative and critical thinking skills, tocome up with innovative solutions or novel approaches. Inventors and scientists focus more on problems, whilepoliticians, parents and leaders address human issues. Select at least two in your response.

Select one talk that is of interest to you and watch it inits entire length.

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Write a to 1,word summary of thesalient points made in the talk and its supporting details thatcatch your interest. Indicate the name and position of thespeaker and the location and year of the talk in your summary. Conclude your summary with a reflection of the following: Howthe talk's content illuminates some of the stages of creativityHow the topic of the talk relates to the concepts of imaginationand curiosity How some of the points made in the talk mightapply to your personal experience and benefit society as a wholeFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Include thefollowing:. Describe each stage in the creative process using Ch. Search for a personal challenge. Explain how you used thetechniques to develop curiosity in your search see Ch. Express the problem created by this personal challenge see Ch. Refine your expression of the problem by consideringmultiple perspectives and deciding which expression is best. Include both the initial and the refined version. Justify yourrevision Entry 3. Investigate the problem by obtaining necessary information seeCh. List the questions must answer to understand theproblem.

Identify a source of information to answer eachquestion Entry 4.

Intellectuals Versus Critical Thinkers

Conclude your investigation with a thorough explanation of theproblem, including answers to each of the questions youidentified Entry 5. Produce ideas toward solution of this problem see Ch. Listall of your ideas—whether they are ridiculous or serious is notimportant Entry 6. Discuss the two ideas that you think are the most imaginative,original, and positive potential solutions to the problem Entry7.

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Format- APA guidelines are NOT necessary for this Journal,although be sure to give your Journal a title, including yourname, date, and brief Introduction describing the assignment and Conclusion stating what you learned by doing it. Thisassignment may be turned in in Word file-form. Identify the 17 individuals shown inthe background and, as a team, discuss the following questions:What did each of the individuals contribute to the world? Howwas each of these contributions rooted in creative thinking; thatis, how did each change existing paradigms of seeing orexperiencing the world?

Are there defining characteristicsshared among all or most of the individuals? What is the valueof imagination and thinking outside the box with regard to theircontributions? Summarize your findings in a to wordword paper and be prepared to discuss them in class. Formatyour summary consistent with APA guidelines. Week 3 DQ 1Each of us makes assumptions continually in a typical day, andmany of them are hidden. Clearly this is an important potentialobstacle of clear or critical thinking. This Discussion Question will involve us in doing anAssumption Exercise which will alert us to the potentialproblems assumptions can present as we seek to tackle issues orproblem-solve.

Then respond to the followingquestions in a Post of words:Was it easy or difficult to come up with your list? What in your. ReferencesCovey, Stephen R 23 April, Assumptions quotes.

Accessed on ThinkExist. Creativity tools on communication:assumption exercise. Retrieved from the American Creativity. Most of us cancall up a problem that can be worked on from either of thesedomains, fairly easy. Practice in problem-solving is also a majorgoal of this course. Select one problem that is current or asrecent as possible for you in one of these areas or if you cannotcome up with one, select one problem covered in Chapter 11 ,and in a post of to words, respond to the followingquestions:State the problem concisely, using enough detail as you feel isneeded, but changing names or places if necessary to keep.

Apply the three major problem solving steps covered in thischapter, aiming to propose a solution to you problem, thatlogically follows the steps used. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the solution youare proposing?

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Chapter 12 in our text helps us critically think througharguments and issues we may face in our lives. Errors mayaffect the truth of the issue, they may affect the validity of apremise or conclusion, or a hidden premise that may side-track asolution. Dealing with simple or complex arguments takespractice. Select ONE of the Applications on pp.

If you think it is a complexargument, identify the parts, and state whether you think there isa hidden premise implied. Evaluate the argument and decide whether you think it is soundor not. Explain…Select ONE of the errors discussed in this chapter that youobserve most in persuasive situations. How do you react to itwhen you confront it? Apply the followingin to words for each scenario: Evaluate each argument,using the 4-step process described on p.

PHL 458 Critical And Creative Thinking In Society Short Essays Wk 1

Explain yourassessment and add alternative argumentation where necessary. Everyone at one point their life has to make a sexual decision. The dreaded should I or shouldn't I question many of us have experienced. According to Webster Dictionary critical thinking is used…. Human resource management would need to decide…. Language is, of course a necessary factor of any story. Without Language, an author could not tell the story.

The author usually uses a combination of these two languages.

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Literal language means exactly what…. This report must include challenges, possible causes, and a plan for addressing them. Select one to two articles on HRM challenges. Write a to word report about these challenges. From quill pens to ink pens, horse-drawn carriages to gas powered engines, slavery and segregation of Blacks and Whites to the Civil Rights movement, and from handwriting on tablets to storing important information in a computer;…. Login Join. Open Document.

Describe why it is important to think critically and creatively in similar situations. A situation, in which critical and creative thought could have been used for a better outcome, is when investors were making decisions about the purchase of real estate. In the real estate market was giving signs of weakening where prior to that year it was booming, but investors were not thinking critically and creatively instead, they were greedy and they let greed make decisions for them. To make matters worse …show more content… When faced with hindrances at first I tend to drown in the tiniest glass of water and it is frustrating.

Overcoming self-deception is one of the hardest hindrances to overcome for me. When this happens I purposely act assertively so I can get my point across. Identify a message in advertising. Describe how you perceive the message of the advertisement.